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The website audit starts from a general analysis of a website aimed at revealing the actions needed to improve search engine optimization (SEO). SEO Companies offer recommendations on how to raise the website rankings in search that can include on page and off page SEO audit such as broken links, duplicate Meta descriptions and titles, HTML validation, website statistics, error pages, etc. Site audit is applicable for all online businesses and improves different aspects of the websites. ( Page Rank ) is the number level your page is positioned in the search engine.

There are many reasons to do a website audit, but in most cases SEO and content marketing are the main ones. Website audit made for SEO purposes discovers weak spots of a website’s SEO score and helps understand the state of SEO. Content audit is used to analyze the engagement and what changes has to be made to the content strategy to enhance the site’s performance.


A content audit is "an accounting of all currently published web content" and a "cornerstone of content strategy". It is a qualitative analysis of information assets on a website; that is, the assessment of content and its relationship to surrounding information assets within specified website content analysis parameters

A related term, content inventory, is a quantitative analysis of a website. It simply logs what is on a website. A content inventory will answer the question: “What is there?” and can be the start of a website review. A content audit will answer the question: “Is it any good?” Specifically, Slater states that the content audit can answer five questions: What content do we already have? Who is making this content?; How do people find it?; How is it performing?; and Is the content current (accurate) or outdated?


A content audit is "the only way to fully understand the structure and quality of the content" on a website. It can help: develop a content strategy; manage content quality; prepare content for a migration or for development of a new site IA or design; evaluate content against business goals, editorial style guidelines, and templates; establish a common language among team members; evaluate content for removal or revision; and pinpoint gaps in content

Estimate on Services

The standard pricing for excellent service:

A Good Website Design will start at $7,000 plus, small companies that require just an informational site, 3 - 5 pages with basic SEO should expect between $7,000 to $10,000, but the cost raises based on what you want to add, the more pages and the more you want inputted the more the site will cost, this is due to all the tedious steps involved to make it right. A 3 - 5 pages website cost will rise a lot more if you also want to add more options like SEO strategies implemented in the website, this will require time to plan it out from design, elements, content, to SEO implementation, these are all time consuming but necessary, this is why a good Website will cost a lot, a good implementer of all Website services charge at a minimum of $150 per hour and upwards of $300. This is an investment that if done Right can potentially earn you a lot more than the initial investment.

For site requiring more Pages and Inventory the cost will be a lot more because it takes more time to implement all the steps required. In the Business world your competition is paying a lot to get the best website and advertising services, that means you at least need to pay to get something good if you are going to conduct business against your competitors, its makes sense because that what it is, but not all small businesses are able to get a lot of funding so they have to get what they can for now, and then improve later. At start not everyone can afford the cost of the services, but they should realize the process, and when they can, they should get a business loan for advertising to drive more business to themselves.

Below Standard Pricing for excellent service

Don't worry if you are not able to get much funding at the Start, you’re not the only one, StarBright Designs Provides the services for those that cannot afford a good website as well, it will not be something that ranks, but you will be able to direct your clients to a proper website that will represent your business well. These sites Run between $2000 - $7000 dollars and are for direct search, meaning you are able to URL for the client to visit your website, when you are able to get a loan or additional funding, we can Upgrade the website to the level you can afford.

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