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Social Media is one of the most important tactics to Employ, if done right it can definitely help in getting your site ranked higher, we have an excellent strategy for this, and we always recommend our clients purchase this as well, it’s considered as important as having a website, not to mention it also helping the website so it definitely a good choice, but it will need to be done correctly to truly benefit, this also takes time to see effects, that is why it needs to be implemented correctly right away.

SEM is Advertising Campaign that is utilized in the real word, it can be all inclusive or built to suit the needs of the clients, we will create all the processes needed for completing the campaign, here are some of the things we Provide : Plan, Create, Verbiage, designs, layout, print, wrap, permits, acquisition and deliver to the environment, these are all done in different ways and pertain to different things, but no matter the avenue these are all needed to get it done, Ex : posters that will be passed out, we do the research to ensure they get to the right audience, we create the materials, have them delivered, this is also a process that requires time to see benefits, but is definitely important, potential clients seeing your marketing for a while won’t help, so we create ways to make it last, this will create a positive effect.


StarBright Designs also does a lot of the critical planning and executing of many different types of marketing techniques that will help to bring your Idea, Site, Event, or Product to the masses, but visibility is not enough, and that's where the Strategies come into play, to inspire the audience to engage in the way the client needs them too.


Creating Memorable Events & Branding that not only attracts a lot of visitors, but is design to keep them coming back. Let us help build a fanbase that will spread like wildfire, and increase your businesses earning potential, we can create the branding you need to set you apart from your competition. Contact us today for an estimate on your online and offline marketing needs.

StarBright Designs provides New Website creation, and Website Restructuring that are designed to increase the effectiveness of the SEO tactics, we also provides SEO services that will broaden your sites visibility and get attention from the search engines.


We Design using different Platforms, some are pre structured with server settings, and will not allow access to the server, these platforms are shared types, and are better suited for people with smaller budgets. The other platforms are mostly unrestricted, this allows for personalized server settings. The difference is that the restricted access has its own enhancements that are not registered with SEO audit tools, so some things will show up, but is not required, the unrestricted is not limited so we will be able to access the server to enable things like Gzip, perform 301 redirects and so on, that does not mean that the limited platforms are any less, they just utilize different enhancements. We can provide designing using most types Restricted Platforms Ex: Winx, Web.com, Webstarts, and so on. We also provide Unrestricted Platforms Ex: Wordpress, Site Access and a few others.


For the audits, we inspect all aspects of the sites structure for what it is we were hired for, EX: SEO Services, we would be checking for all the parameter, content, page layout, and web design to see what's happening, and if it's going to require changes, while we're checking, we also creating a plan of action, that can be implemented if the clients choose to purchase the foundation project, this EX: is for the SEO Services, so we would now put things into action and create the SEO foundation, this is a process and it can take a while, the same goes for seeing results, after implementation, then we have to wait for google to crawl the site and rank the site based on its wont decisions, even sites that are done correctly are not ranked high at first, google needs to know that your site is not a spam site, and so at times even that is a factor, but we know the steps to take to allow the site to be taken seriously, it is a process that can take months and even longer to climb to the position needed, so this is a investment, but we do know that implementing the rest of the strategies will help increase a better time frame and chances of ranking higher.


Restructuring refer to making the necessary changes to the SEO, Website, Design, and or Content, it also could involve all of the above or some, once we've done the audit and prepare a plan of action for whatever it is were hired, we will know what exactly needs to be done, then we change it, this process is also going to take place throughout the entire lifespan of your Website if Desired, because search engine keywords that rank are always changing and so we have to do the same, along with the factor of not know what it is google's problem is with the website, which means, if we do things right and not get a good result, then we have to make changes using process of elimination, which we already know what are the best changes to make first, google isn't so predictable and every site is different, so that's why this is a process and it takes place no matter what company you choose, any company says different is mostly likely not trustworthy.